The era of modern and sophisticated luxury mobile restrooms

Outdoor  Chillers: supplying all event and household functions with our luxury trailer toilets, making your event a memorable one

Our units are equipped with wash hand basins, mirrors, lights, windows, hand towel railings, male & female division, etc  

We have a numerous amount of units to supply to the market making us the preffered supplier in Kwa– Zulu Natal

12 Division Trailer toilet; equipped with 10x Non-flushing toilets and 2x mens urinals all kitted with wash hand sinks, hand soap dispensers, toilet paper dispensers, mirrors, lights, and sun roofs

Unit comes with its own power and water source.

2 Division construction trailer toilet (non flush with wash hand basins)

The 2 division unit serves the same purpose as the VIP Toilet Trailers but is a more cost effective option for clients with a limited budget, this unit is mainly used on construction sites for site managers who wish to tow there own loos around traveling the sites. The only difference is the unit has 2 long drops with no flushing mechanism as compared to the vip trailer toilets. It comes with lights and is suitable for up to 100 people.


Guard house with toilet trailer

This unit can serve as a small site office, a security cabin or as a tally office – pick your application. It is versatile, compact and easy to move around.


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